Full Time Staff

Patti Hutchison / Health Plan Manager
(902) 457 – 6532


Marc Braithwaite / General Manager

Marc recently joined the MSVU Students’ Union as General Manager after serving more than two decades in Student Affairs and Services at several universities within the Maritime region. His most recent post included College Director and Principal of the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design where he worked alongside students as emerging entrepreneurs in the Visual Arts; together, transforming a small campus into one where student ideas and leadership is embraced and celebrated. His campus administration experience is extensive ranging from student housing and food services through to counselling, health and career services. With a keen interest in problem solving and in helping to keep campus operations transparent and integrated, he has created and maintained standards of excellence in service and has kept the success of all students and their representative organizations his central focus throughout his career. Marc is excited to return to The Mount and is looking ahead to rebuilding a thriving and progressive Students’ Union, one our students will be encouraged to participate and our extensive university community will be proud to call, “Partners in our students’ education.”


Student Managers

Charlanie Innocent / Chief Financial Officer
(902) 457 – 6153

Arshleen Kaur / Creative Content Manager

Emma Cromwell / Operations Manager
Fountain Play Centre
(902) 457 – 6554

Courtney Malley / Programming Manager
Fountain Play Centre
(902) 457 – 6554

Sabrina Dimattia/ The Hub Supervisor
(902) 457 – 6123

Mary-Beth Corsten/ Food Bank Manager
Mount Student Food Bank
(902) 457 – 5536

Ameline Gorbet/ Pride Centre Coordinator
MSVUSU Pride Centre
(902) 457 – 5515



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