The Mount Saint Vincent University Students’ Union (MSVUSU) is a student-elected, student-governed non-for-profit organization serving the interests of Mount Saint Vincent University (MSVU) students.

Governing Documents

Three documents serve as a guideline for the governance of the MSVSU – the Constitution, By-Laws, and Policies which can be found here. The MSVUSU’s most recent strategic plan, Strategic Plan, also guides the operations of the organization. These documents can be found in the MSVUSU President’s Office.


The daily operations of the MSVUSU is organized by four (4) student representatives, each elected by the student population at large.

  • President – acts as Chief Executive Officer and official spokesperson of the MSVUSU; lead on university, community and government relations.
  • Vice President Communications – maintains internal and external communication for the MSVUSU; lead on societies.
  • Vice President Advocacy – oversees all advocacy campaigns of the MSVUSU.
  • Vice President Student Life – lead on all student-life programming for the MSVUSU.

All four positions are elected in the Spring Elections. In the case a position remains vacant after the Spring Elections, it will be open again for the Fall By-Elections.

2020 Interim Presidents Elections Package: 

Interim package pdf

Students’ Representative Council

The oversight body of the MSVUSU consists of fifteen (15) students elected to represent specific MSVU student demographics, along with the Executive:

  • Arts Representative
  • Professional Studies Representative
  • Science Representative
  • Graduate Studies Representative
  • Board of Governors’ Representative
  • First Year Student Representative
  • Mature Student Representative
  • Transfer Student Representative
  • International Representative
  • Residence Representative
  • Women’s Representative
  • Aboriginal Student Representative
  • Racialized Student Representative
  • Queer Representative
  • Accessibility Representative

The MSVUSU Executive is held responsible to the Students’ Representative Council (SRC). All positions are elected in the Spring Election, with the exception of the First Year Student Representative. In the case a position remains vacant after the Spring Elections, it will be open again in the Fall By-Elections – along with the First Year Student Representative.


The following committees of the MSVUSU are outlined in By-Law III of the MSVUSU By-Laws.

  • Executive Committee – oversees the daily operations of the MSVUSU.
  • Budget Committee – assists in the creation of the MSVUSU yearly budget.
  • Pay and Honaoraria Committee – reviews honoraria requests, advises on changes to pay, and responds to SRC budgetary queries.
  • Human Resources Committee – hires full-time staff, responsible for disciplinary decisions and upkeep of Human Resources policies.
  • Constitution and Policy Planning Committee – reviews MSVUSU governing documents and recommends/recieves requests for changes.
  • Society Affairs Committee – reviews society funding applications, responsible for disciplinary decisions.
  • Health Insurance Plan Committee – reviews student Health and Dental Plan appeals.
  • External Affairs Committee – advises the MSVUSU on external issues affecting the organization.
  • Elections Committee – promote the MSVUSU elections and oversees appeals.
  • Student Experience Committee – identifies areas of improvement for the student experience.
  • Wellness Committee – oversees wellness in the MSVUSU.

Partnership Agreements

Global Engagement Office Partnership Agreement

Memorandum of Understanding

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