Compassion Proclamation

msvusu compassion charter

On April 1st, 2014, the MSVUSU signed a proclamation and commitment to become the first compassionate organization in Atlantic Canada and the first compassionate Students’ Union in the world.

CHARTER FOR COMPASSION for the Mount Student Union
Our commitment to be a ‘Compassionate Student Union’ affirms our history of social justice; our vision to make a difference through nurturing socially responsible global citizens; our goal to create a vital campus community based on respect, inclusion, wellness and engagement; and our commitment to offer high-quality student services that support the diversity of our student population.

Please hear the Mount Student Union’s Charter for Compassion:

Compassion is the ability and willingness to stand in another’s shoes, knowing that the well-being of one depends on the well-being of all. It does not arise out of pity or condescension; it grows out of our basic interdependence and common, but deep, desire to flourish. It calls us to treat others, including the earth and all its creatures, with respect, concern and care.

Compassion inspires us to help improve the circumstance of ourselves and others; honouring the sanctity of every single being, treating everyone, without exception, with caring justice, equity and respect. Any desire to impoverish, exploit or deny the basic rights of others, or to incite hatred by denigrating anyone—even our enemies, is a denial of our common humanity.

Compassion encourages positive appreciation of diversity in all its forms, and is essential to a fulfilled humanity, just economy, sustainable environment and a caring inclusive community.

Let us establish compassion as the centre of our personal lives and all aspects of our communities. As we engage together, may we relate to one another with openness, compassion, understanding and respect. As a Student Union, may we collaborate with a diverse network of partners and contribute to compassionate initiatives locally, regionally and beyond.

We call upon all of us to gather our energies, hearts and spirits to help the Mount Student Union be a “Compassionate Student Union”. May the Mount campus become an even more welcoming, inclusive and caring space for all.

Proclaimed at the Rosaria Student Centre, MSVU Campus – April 1, 2014

Proclamation Poster


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