The I’m Feeling Project

Each October the MSVUSU and MSVU Counselling Services present the “I’m feeling…” Project, a Mental Health awareness campaign aimed at educating Mount students on the benefits of early positive mental health practices and lowering the stigma around mental illness.

Students are experiencing an increased amount of challenges each year and can often benefit from assistance in managing their stress levels and work loads. Much like we go to the gym for our physical health, regular mental “tune-up’s” can positively affect our mental health. The Mount Counseling Services department can help by providing you with direction and resources available to help you maintain positive mental health.

But seeking help often means combating the stigma attached to mental health and the barriers that exist. We all have mental health. And like all health, some days it isn’t 100%. And that is ok.

The participants in this campaign take part to raise awareness to others about the importance of mental health, strive to erase stigma and promote the resources available to students on the Mount campus. Because we’re all feeling something.

Welcome Mount Students!

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