UTXT is a text messaging program to provide a stronger, instantaneous communication stream with Mount students. With one number…(902) 809-MSVU (6788)…students can text questions and receive instant responses.

i.e. What date does orientation start? When can I get my students ID? Who do I talk to about academic advising? Is the Wellness Pantry open/what are the hours? How do I set up a society? What’s happening this week at Vinnie’s Pub? I’m hungry! Where on campus can I get some wings?

When sending texts to the UTXT system, messages are received at the Students’ Union Information Desk in Rosaria via a separate dedicated cell phone. When the message is received it will be documented to ensure we don’t miss your question!

The UTXT service has specific hours of regular operation. Messages received after 6pm may have longer response times. For later evening texts, responses will be sent the next morning. However during the run of the regular school day, you will be able to get quick and effective responses.

It’s the hope that UTXT will our Mount provide students with a direct communication tool and work to increase your level of engagement.

Text your questions to UTXT today: (902) 809-MSVU (6788).

Welcome Mount Students!

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