Child Registration

Please complete the following Child Registration Form to register your child for care services with the MSVUSU Fountain Playcentre.

Fountain Playcentre Child Registration

Fountain Playcentre Child Registration
  • Please be advised that if your child requires medication while at the FPC you will need to fill out a Medicine Administration Request Sheet
  • In case of emergency please list in order, the persons to be notified and their phone number(s).
  • To whom, other than yourself, may your child be released? Please provide names and relation to child. (i.e. John Doe - Father, Jane Doe - Aunt) or 'No One' if there are no other individuals who your child may be released to.
  • For registration times please upload a copy of your web advisor class schedule.
  • What expectations do you have for the Fountain Play Centre in terms of services provided for your child?
  • Has your child had previous out-of-home care? If yes, please describe.
  • Describe any routines at home in regard to diapers or toilet training (if applicable)
  • Usual length of nap?
  • Describe any nap routines at home (if applicable)
  • Does your child require assistance for feeding?
  • Describe any meal or snack time routines at home (if applicable)
  • Describe any behaviour management methods and/or strategies are used at home? (eg. key words/concepts, specific consequences)
  • Does your child have any favourite activities and/or specific interests? If yes, please describe
  • Does your child have any specific dislikes and/or anxieties? If yes, please describe
  • I hereby give my child permission to take part in the Mount Saint Vincent University Student Union Fountain Play Centre and hereby discharge the Fountain Play Centre managers and volunteers from any injuries or mishaps which arise from the participation of my son or daughter at the Fountain Play Centre.
  • I hereby give my child permission to be photographed by the Mount Saint Vincent University Student Union Fountain Play Centre managers and hereby understand that such photographs become the property of Mount Saint Vincent University and may be used for the purpose of any other promotional purposes deemed necessary and/or relevant to the Fountain Play Centre program.
  • I hereby consent that, in the case of a health emergency, I give permission for my child to be taken and seen by the on duty physician at the MSVU Health Services Office, and if necessary, a physician at the IWK.

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