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IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to the rising cases of COVID-19 in Halifax, we are now offering curb-side pickup only. Contactless curb-side pickup will be available Monday 9am-12pm, Tuesday 12pm-4pm and Wednesday 4pm-8pm. Please consider bringing reusable bags to transport your order, as we are running low on boxes. If there is an emergency in which you require delivery, please contact Mary-Beth at or 902-318-5378. Thank you and stay safe!





On Wednesday mornings, from 9am to 3pm, the MSVU food bank will be delivering food bank orders. This is a trial system, so we are still working out all the details. Deliveries will be anywhere from 9am to 3pm on Wednesday mornings, as we cannot deliver at specific times. To book an order you must select a time between 9am and 3pm, but this will not be your delivery time. Your delivery will arrive anywhere from 9am to 5pm. Please ensure either someone can accept the delivery, or we will be able to leave your order on a doorstep or specified area. Please only use this option if you are unable to pick your order up at campus that week. PLEASE PROVIDE A DELIVERY LOCATION WITHIN A 10 KM RADIUS OF MSVU.

Below is the link to a document containing a compilation of ingredients and expiration dates of the portioned items:

Mount Students’ Food Bank Portioned Items

Notice regarding Heinz Apple Sauce Pouches:

Apple Sauce

Notice regarding Creamed Corn cans missing label:

Creamed Corn Cans

Contact Info
Food Bank Manager

(T) (902) 580-7357

Vice President of Advocacy



MISSION: The main mission of the Wellness Pantry is to provide students with fresh food and to promote hunger awareness through various campaigns while continuing to sustain a respectful and private environment.

COMPASSION: We care about our students and show compassion towards understanding their needs, privacy, and accommodations; no matter their race, gender, or sexual orientation.

INTEGRITY: We value the well being of our students, and strive to merit the integrity of the centre & pantry by keeping up to date with all of our resources, and providing full attention to students in need.

RESPECT: We respect the beliefs and cultures of all students who enter the centre & pantry. We treat students with dignity, consideration and welcome those from diverse backgrounds and experiences.

ACCOUNTABILITY: We are committed to the best use of resources and are clearly focused on the achievement of the Wellness Centre & Wellness Pantry’s mission.

Welcome Mount Students!

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