Online Training Module: How to HYPE Team

Hype teams are very important in building a strong sense of community for students at the Mount.


Online Training Module: Hype Team

  • Hype doesn't always mean jumping around, yelling, and being wild. Sometimes, it's encouraging others to participate, talking with them, and making connections in a calmer setting.
  • Students at MSVU can come from a variety of backgrounds. How can I, as an OWeek Leader, make new students feel included and involved with Orientation?


The M-team is a great way to meet new people and hype up students for events. The M-Team has four streams: O-Crew, Shine Crew, Events Crew, and Campaign Crew. There are also lots of other ways to hype people up for things happening on campus. Below is a list of things to get involved in and to involve your friends and ESPECIALLY new students with.


  • O-Crew
    • Orientation week
    • Welcome week
    • Shinerama
  • Shine Crew
    • Summer Shine fundraising
    • Shine Day prep
    • Shine Day
    • Shine Pub
    • After Shine Day procedures
  • Events Crew
    • Haunted House
    • Promotion of weekly programming
    • Helping set up/tear down weekly programming
    • Winter Carnival
    • Hosting weekly programming
  • Campaigns Crew
    • Tabling
    • Wellness Ambassadors

Volunteer at:

  • Wellness Centre
  • Fountain Play Centre

Apply to work at:

  • The Hub
  • The Welcome Centre
  • Vinnie’s
  • Crow ‘n Go

Run in the SU elections:

  • First-year rep
  • Arts rep
  • Science rep
  • Femme rep
  • International rep
  • Transfer rep
  • Graduate rep
  • Board of Governors
  • Racialized rep
  • Queer rep

Societies on campus

  • Join
  • Create

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