MSVUSU Online Training

Welcome to the MSVUSU Online Training Centre. These training modules will provide you, as a member of the MSVUSU community, with valuable information that you should know to help guide new and current students towards resources and services available on campus and online. These training modules will also provide you with training on regulations, policy, and procedures that you will need to reflect during your time as a member of the M-Team, SRC, or SU Staff.


You will need to complete these training modules before arriving for Orientation Week. When you’ve finished and hit submit, it is expected that you have fully read all training items. Completion of this online module serves as one piece of your leader certificate which you will receive after the September Orientation and Welcome weeks have concluded.

Module 1: SU Services

Module 2: Supporting Survivors of Sexual Violence

Module 3: How to HYPE team 

Module 4: How to MYSTIC

Module 5: Myers-Briggs

Welcome Mount Students!

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