Meet Your MSVUSU: Queer Students Rep

Queer Students Representative
Jared Papove

Bachelor of Arts


Hello all and a very warm welcome all new and returning students to another fabulous academic year!

My name is Jared Papove, and I am a fourth year Sociology-Anthropology major as well as your Queer Representative on the Student’s Representative Council. Last semester, I had the pleasure of working with the Pride Centre and with fellow Representatives working on Mount’s commitment to equality for all.

This upcoming semester, I look forward to furthering this work by continuing to develop an Ally program on campus with the General Manager, expanding the resources and activities of the Pride Centre with the Coordinator, installing a Pride Locker on campus, and meeting with the university President to discuss the lack of gender-neutral bathrooms on campus as well as work towards the actions outlined in her Statement on Pride and inclusivity at the Mount.

Have a very happy Orientation and I look forward to meeting all of you in the coming year!

(coming soon)
All MSVU students who identify within
the Queer community


Welcome Mount Students!

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