Student Art Gallery Art

We are pleased to say that we are going to be creating a Student Art Gallery inside the Crow’s nest.
This well help to create a cozy study atmosphere, increase school pride, and most importantly will show off some of the amazing artist that we have here at the mount.
If you would like to submit to the Gallery please read the disclaimer and fill out the form below.


All art work must be approved by the MSVU SU.
Any NSFW (not safe for work), offensive, sexual, political, or religious imagery will not be accepted.
The MSVU SU is not responsible for damage or theft.
Donated art work will be the property of the artist and has the right to have it returned to them at any time, unless the artist is donating it permanently

Art Gallery

Crow nest art
  • Name of Artist
  • write N/A if it does not have one
  • Medium that the artwork was created
  • How will we be receiving the artwork
  • Description of art

Welcome Mount Students!

Can’t find what your looking for? Send feedback to or write on our Facebook wall!