Orientation Leaders


Orientation Leaders are an important part of Orientation at Mount Saint Vincent University. Orientation Leaders are Mount students who work and train together to help ensure new Mount students have a safe, positive and educational experience.

Research suggests students experience a higher rate of success if they have been given the opportunity to become familiar with their new environment and to connect with other students. New students will be nervous and excited and will likely have a lot of questions to ask but be hesitant about asking them. What you provide to these new students as an Orientation Leader will help them to settle in and feel more comfortable and confident about their choice to attend the Mount and their ability to succeed. Your role provides a personal contact for new students, and your efforts will greatly impact the experience they will have at the Mount.

As a member of the orientation team, you will:
• Become a role model to all new MSVU students and a personal mentor to a group of new students.
• Take part in the MSVU Orientation Leadership Retreat.
• Enhance your communication, leadership and group facilitation skills.
• Begin creating a network with other students, staff, and faculty that will help you further your educational and career goals.
• Increase your knowledge of our wonderful MSVU community.
• Receive a great Orientation Leader pack including your official Leader shirt, attend Leader appreciation parties throughout the academic year, and other terrific surprises.
• Have the opportunity to make many new friends!

**Training for Leaders will take place at the Orientation Leader training retreat prior to the September Orientation Week.

If you would like to become a 2019 Orientation Leader, please fill out the form below!


Application for Mount students who are interested in becoming a leader with the MSVU orientation program
  • International orientation happens during the 3 days prior to the start of regular orientation.
    Senior Leaders act as team captains, take on more responsibility and assist in the training of General Leaders. General Leaders are assigned orientation teams, take part in orientation events with their team and help to ensure new students are feeling welcome and are having a positive experience. Orientation Assistants assist the VP Student Life to ensure orientation programming is delivered in a safe, organized and positive manner.
  • Please upload a photo of yourself to be used in your leader bio. Your photo should be of you only with no others in the image. Please upload only JPEG or PNG formats
  • Please prepare a short "Hello/Welcome" message to introduce yourself to new students. Include some details like hobbies or areas of interest.
  • As an Orientation Leader , information provided by yourself as well as a photograph taken of you will be used for website purposes in the Orientation Leaders area to provide new students with a means to get to know yo u before their arrival . As an Orientation Leader you agree that you will NOT provide alcohol / drugs to underage first year students, nor will you, to the best of your ability consume alcohol/drugs in the presence of first year students or assist in the consumption of alcohol /drugs by an underage first year student. As an Orientation Leader you agree that you will uphold and conduct yourself in a manner that is responsible and appropriate and you understand that you, as an Orientation Leader, represent both the Mount S tudents’ Union and Mount Saint Vincent University. By checking yes, you agree that you understand and acknowledge the previous statement s and will abide by this request.

Mount Orientation Leader Handbook



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