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The MSVUSU Soup Kitchen is looking for a Kitchen Coordinator! The selected candidate will receive a 750$ stipend to cover until the 15th of May, and then the student manager’s hourly wage thereafter. The selected candidate will be responsible for working with the Soup Kitchen working group to refine the job description and hours worked per week before the 15th of May.

Please address your applications to the Soup Kitchen Working Group and email them to katerina.allan@msvu.ca by Monday, April 12th.

Title: Kitchen Coordinator

Duties: (1) Manage food production and procurement (2) Assist in preparation and distribution of meals to clients (3) Update seasonal menus with costing (4) Manage kitchen inventory and follow strict Health Canada safe food handling guidelines


  • Must be able to lift a minimum of 10 pounds
  • Must have or be able to attain a food safety training certificate
  • Ability to work independently and collaboratively
  • Ability to independently learn operations, procedures, processes and use of equipment
  • Experience with food procurement or management required
  • Previous experience in management role an asset
  • Working on a degree in a food safety related field would be an asset for the position.


  • Oversee food preparation, portion sizes, and the overall presentation of food
  • Order food and beverages, equipment, and supplies
  • Strictly adhere to standardized recipes and preparation procedures to make sure that food is consistent in quality
  • Stocking inventory to best of physical capabilities, appropriately dating boxes and using the first-in, first-out (FIFO) principle
  • Ensuring sufficient stock of all materials is being kept and stored under the correct conditions
  • Cleaning equipment and work area using recommended cleaning agents and following established procedures
  • Adjust production, as necessary, for changes in order list, preventing overproduction and underproduction
  • Address complaints regarding food quality or service
  • Ensure volunteers comply with health and food safety standards at all times
  • Attempt to keep food waste to a minimum
  • Prepare, portion and/or serve food using proper measuring equipment and serving utensils, while maintaining quality-control standards
  • Aid in food preparation such as, but not limited to: chopping, slicing, dicing, peeling, grating and/or mincing of vegetables, meats, etc.
  • Wrap, label, date and freeze any leftover foods that are not scheduled for use in the immediate future
  • Package meals in containers and distribute meals to clients
  • Create kitchen and food protocols
  • Draft a 4–6-week cycle menu (seasonal) with budget costing
  • Apply to government grants and secure funding for projects

Time Commitment: April 2021- September 2021

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