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Elected Positions (Executives and SRC)

There are four executive positions through the Students’ Union. These are the President, Vice-President Communications, Vice-President Student Life, and Vice-President Advocacy. Each position is paid and executives work 25-35 hours a week (depending on the position) to deal with the day to day operations of the Students’ Union.

There are also 13 elected students who sit on the Students’ Representative Council (SRC) along with the Executive Team. Each student represents a different demographic on the Mount campus and acts as the Board of Directors for the organization. SRC meetings are held on a bi-weekly basis and representatives are paid an honorarium at the end of every semester.

Elections happen every year in March online through My-Mount. You must be entering your third year or higher of post-secondary education to be eligible to run.

Management and part-time work

The Students’ Union employs many student management positions and part-time student staff each coming year. Some of these positions include Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Food Bank Manager, The Hub Manager, 2 Fountain Play Centre Managers, and more! As well, we also employ students to work part-time at  The Hub! Recognizing that you are a student first, we can work our schedule around your classes! Check the job postings page frequently for any openings!


With such a large amount to do and such limited human resources, the Students’ Union is ALWAYS looking for volunteers. Volunteering is a great way to meet new students, strengthen your CCRP and resume, or use as a stepping stone for other positions within the Union. Volunteering opportunities include:

– Being an Orientation Leader
– Organizing and/or being in the Haunted House
– Being a part of the President’s Street Team
– Helping out with the Food Bank
– Helping to care for the kids at the Fountain Play Centre
– Working the SU Elections

As a new student at MSVU the important thing to realize is that we want to help get you involved! We want your enthusiasm, your creativity, your ideas, your spirit…all that is you, to be involved and to have the best experience possible.

From volunteering with our amazing Street Team, O-week Student Leaders, Play center, there’s no shortage of ways to connect you and your interests with great opportunities and like minded students. Not sure where to start, let us help! Fill out the form below and we’ll get you started!

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