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Five Tips for Keeping Your Dog Safe This Summer


You’re looking forward to traveling with your pet, But what happens when the location you’re visiting does not allow pets? What should you do? Leave your dog in the car? It’s fine for cool days; however, now it’s summer. Temperatures inside a car can rise to over 100 degrees (even on those spring and fall days when it’s not so hot outside), and a fast car can heat up in minutes.

Also, remember that your dog will be protected from the heat of the day by his fur coat, so don’t ever put a muzzle on him when it’s extremely hot outside. Leave your dog at a house if it’s too hot out (indoors or under shade, always with water). You can leave someone in the car to accompany them when you need to go to a stop.

Summer Dog Safety Tips

Summertime is the best time to take your pet for a stroll in the park. It is possible to go to the beach, enjoy a barbecue in your backyard or enjoy the garden this year. It’s tempting to cool yourself with an ice-cold drink when the sun is blazing down; however, remember that your dog could be suffering similarly. It’s a difficult time for dogs. So here are five quick safety tips:

1. Make sure you have water and an area of shade to sit down.

We’ve been told that dogs aren’t as adept at regulating their body temperature as human beings. So on a particularly hot day, it’s better to let them stay inside. You should ensure that you give your pet an airy, cool place to relax whenever you’re outside for a long time. Water is essential, so don’t forget about it.

2. Purchase a plastic pool for a low price.

Is swimming in the pool on your list of things to do this summer? Your dog could be similarly situated. You should invest in an inexpensive plastic pool (dogs’ nails could puncture an inflatable one). If a collection isn’t available, a sprinkler or hose could provide fun and refreshments.

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3. Bring your dog out for an outing during cooler hours.

If you are walking your dog often, do so in the early morning hours or later in the afternoon when sidewalks aren’t scorching hot. Your dog’s feet will be burned by hot sand or concrete. Avoid walking on concrete or asphalt if you have to do it during the day.

4. Always provide them with fresh water.

Make sure not to let your pet drink water from oceans, lakes, or even in pools when you’re on a swimming vacation, as this can be dangerous to him. If too much saltwater gets consumed by dogs, it can lead to dehydration, nausea, and perhaps even death.

5. Be on the lookout for indicators of symptoms of heatstroke.

It’s crucial to recognize the symptoms of heatstroke in your pet and take him to the veterinarian at the earliest time possible. Drooling, heavy pausing, and sparkling red gums can be early indicators of heatstroke signs in dogs. Insomnia, nausea, and yellow gums are indicators of severe heat exhaustion.

Your pet and your pet will have a wonderful summer if you follow these simple safety guidelines for dogs during this summer season.

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