Executive Candidates

Meet your Executive Candidates!

Presidential Candidate – Jesse Sutherland

The number one reason I am re-running for the position of President is my love for advocacy and the mount community. I have had the pleasure of working with the MSVU Students’ Union for almost two years now, and it would be an honour to continue advocating for and supporting the students of MSVU for one more year.

If Elected, I hope to accomplish increasing overall student engagement with the Union. I realize that due to several reasons, students have become withdrawn from the Union, and I hope to help change that. I feel this is extremely important because if students don’t want to engage with their Students’ Union, they are less likely to access the offered resources and supports. I hope to do this in several ways, mainly through increased transparency and communication.

I would like Students’ to know about me is how prepared I am to speak up for Students’ rights. Throughout my time as an executive, I have had to advocate for students’ needs continuously. I’m not afraid to have tough conversations with our University Administration or fight hard for our rights. I believe this is an essential asset to have for the position of President, especially in such uncertain and trying times.

Please join me in voting online, March 29th and 30th

VP Advocacy Candidate – Mandeep Kaur

My name is Mandeep Kaur means light of mind in my culture, and I am excited to be running for the position of Vice President of advocacy.  I am a third-year student studying a Bachelor of Science in General Studies and a concentration in Psychology. Universities by their very nature are places for discussion and debate of controversial issues.The purpose of debate and analysis is to generate light, not merely heat. I have a different opinion to accept this responsible position. I have a strong desire to help students with their day-to-day issues. During pandemic days, I understand the basic need of students therefore, I always urge myself to maintain a good relationship with FEED Nova Scotia, Wellness center, and food bank.   My goal as a VP of advocacy is to develop policies and advocate on behalf of students on academic topics and issues and represent the interests and needs of students. I would use my experience to provide recommendations on how to effectively communicate relevant information to the student body. I am open to hearing from all students about anything I can potentially influence in that role. I love working, joining different societies, and meeting new people. I will also be responsible for ensuring students are well represented both internally and externally to the Mount communities. If I am elected, I promise to bring new initiatives for policies, campaigns, and positions that promote meaningful change on student issues. Helping others and forming connections is my absolute favorite thing to do.

VP Communications Candidate – Jasmine Tang

Hey all! My name is Jasmine (they/she pronouns) and I am in my third year of a combined major in biology and psychology here at the Mount. I served as your Racialized Student Rep for over a year and have spent the past 5 months as your VP Comms. Having spent such a short time in this role, I feel there is so much more that I can accomplish and am therefore excited to be rerunning for the position of VP Comms.

During my time as VP Comms, I have rebooted the MSVUSU Weekly Newsletter, which has directly increased Mount Student Food Bank usage, volunteering, and donations, and keeps students informed of the important things happening in the SU. I have also moved to create a solidarity fund in our budget so that the MSVUSU can make monthly donations to groups or organizations in need and am involved in the planning of our Soup Kitchen which will be opening soon! I work to keep the website as organized and up to date as possible, and initiated the process of a website rebuild, given how old our current one is. I chair the General Manager Search Committee and sat on the Fall Advocacy Working Group last semester.

I would love the opportunity to continue my work as your VP Comms during my last year at the Mount. If you have any questions, please send me an email at jasmine.tang1@msvu.ca and don’t forget to vote on March 30 and 31!

VP Graduate Affairs Candidate

My name is Katerina Allan, and I am running for the position of VP of Graduate affairs. I have been serving as your Graduate Studies Representative since September 2019. It would be an honour to continue my work in this new role.

Since taking office in 2019, I have worked to increase access to the MSVUSU Health & Dental Plan to all students, increased the transparency at the MSVUSU and facilitated the Soup Kitchen Working Group. I formed and Chair the Undergraduate/Graduate Health Insurance Committee and have coordinated the Referenda on Health & Dental Insurance. I am delighted that Full-time Graduate Students will be enrolled on the MSVUSU Health & Dental plan in September 2021. I hope that Part-time Students will have access as well following the current Referendum.

I have also represented Graduate students at the Canadian Federation of Students National and Provincial meetings and the National Graduate Caucus. If elected, I will continue to advocate for Graduate Student rights, create Graduate Student specific services both virtually and on campus, improve communication between the MSVUSU and Graduate Students, and build a more engaging and cohesive social environment for Graduate Students at MSVU.

In my professional life, I have worked as a research assistant in health sciences labs at both Dalhousie and the IWK, which expanded on my undergraduate training in Neuroscience, Biochemistry and Statistics. I moved to Private Practice tutoring as a profession and now teach Mathematics, Statistics, and Sciences at the Highschool and University levels. In my Tutoring practice, I specialize in supporting learners with learning differences and difficulties, particularly in their pursuit of mathematics education. At MSVU, I am taking a Master of Arts in Education, General Curriculum Studies, and hope to start my thesis this year.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. You can reach me at Katerina.allan@MSVU.ca.

VP Student Life Candidate – Mayankkumar Joshi

Hello !! My name is Mayankkumar Joshi. I am running for the VP student life for the upcoming MSVUSU general election 2021. I am a student of Masters in Applied Human Nutrition at MSVU.

I completed my Bachelor in Pharmacy in 2018 back in India and was part of the Student Union of my college too. I have also worked for the MSVUSU as a Social media Coordinator for 6 months. Therefore, I believe that the previous experiences that I have gathered will be an asset for me to work in the MSVUSU as VP Student Life. The reason behind choosing this position is to work closely with the overall life situation of students on-campus and off-campus. I want to be a bridge between the students and University authorities and want to communicate effectively between both to improve student’s life.

The first goal that I would like to accomplish is to promote & organize orientation week with proper coordination with the Office of Student Experience. I am ready with my plan if orientation will go online next term. I will provide at most support to indigenous students, black students, Asian students, and students with accessibility & treat every student of the university with equality. I can assure you that I will do justice to my role if I get elected.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any comments/ concerns regarding my campaign & other plans at mayankkumar.joshi@msvu.ca

I would be happy to help you & provide you proper support with raising your voice to the highest levels.

Thanks !


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