Joining or creating a society is a great way to become involved on campus and can be a very rewarding experience. The process is very simple. The MSVUSU encourages any interested individuals to start a society and we’re here to help you along the way!

All Societies are eligible for funding from the MSVU Students’ Union, apply for funding by filling out an application!

If you don’t see any clubs or societies on campus that interest you, we encourage you to consider starting your own.

If you have any questions about how to get involved, please VP Communications:

Societies must reapply and be approved each year, so we have not gotten a chance to look though and approve new and old societies.
Here are some examples of past societies that may return.

Previous Societies

MSVU Business and Tourism Society
The purpose of the BTS is to provide opportunities and plan events to unite Mount Saint Vincent University Business and Tourism Students. We as the BTS are committed to raising funds for the Ronald McDonald House Atlantic Charities. We provide opportunities and events that have educational value, social value, and a personal development component.

Chinese Cultural Society
The Chinese Culture Society (CCS) aims to act as a focal point, both social and cultural for all MSVU students to promote and hence consolidate Chinese Culture on campus: 1. To provide Chinese Language Workshop for promoting understanding of and hence consolidate Chinese Culture in its relevant contemporary context; 2. To promote Taichi Workshop for wellness and safety awareness; 3. To provide opportunities for social interaction and exchange of ideas among Society members and MSVU community.

MSVU Family Students and Gerentology Society
This Society is for students that are enrolled in the Family Studies and the Gerontology Studies program. We also welcome members that may be interested in changing their major/minor in this degree as well. Meetings will be held once a month to discuss any questions or concerns students have, to provide support and clarification of assignments and to provide a sense of community to students in our program. This will help students with communication skills, team building, and learn how to Network. We will also invite faculty to our meetings as well.

MSVU Geek Squad Society (The society that shall not be named)
A MSVU Society allowing for all nerds, geeks, gamers, and fans of every kind, to hang out and attend events that celebrate who we are. The purpose of this society is to make a safer space for conversations around nerd, geek, and gamer culture. We acknowledge that not space is 100% safe, though push to maker sure they can be as comfortable as possible. As a part of MSVU campus we feel it is important to welcome and included individuals from a various. Though activities on campus that allow for community building.

Meal Exchange MSVU
Meal Exchange enables Mount students to have an impact on their campus food system, and improve food security on campus by ensuring that all students have access to healthy, affordable and culturally appropriate food.

MSVU Paranormal Society
The Paranormal Society enables Mount students to discover and acquire a knowledge of (but not limited to) Astrology, Divination, Fortune telling, Magic/magick (magical arts), Mediums, Necromancy, Palmistry, Runes, Spells (casting), Spiritualism, Tarot cards, and White witchcraft.

Welcome Mount Students!

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