2019 Fall By-Elections Results

Posted On September 30, 2019

Referenda Results

Partner Charity

There were three charities presented by the Student Representative Council (SRC) for consideration of who to partner with: Avalon Sexual Health Centre, Phoenix Youth, and The Youth Project. Students voted in favor of working with Avalon Sexual Health Centre for school year 2019-2020, garnering 47% of the votes.  Phoenix Youth and The Youth Project received 23% and 30% of the votes, respectively.

Summer U-Pass

Students voted in favor of adopting the Summer U-Pass starting in the upcoming Summer Session 2020, garnering 66% of the votes. 21% of students voted “No” to adopting the Summer U-Pass, while 13% abstained.

Student Representative Council Elections Results

Congratulations to the newly-elected members of the MSVUSU SRC! Scroll down to find out who your new representatives are!

Arts Students Representative

Jesse Sutherland


Bachelor of Education Students Representative

Jeremy Crowther


First Year Students Representative

Ashley McRae


Graduate Studies Students Representative

Katerina Allan


Indigenous Students Representative

Ashley Dubois


Mature Students Representative

Gabrielle Côté


Racialized Students Representative

Jasmine Tang


Residence Students Representative

Mila McKay


Science Students Representative

Madeline Parlee

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