2019 Fall By-Elections Referenda

Posted On September 18, 2019


Our Fall By-Elections are right around the corner! 

Aside from voting for SRC representatives in the upcoming Fall By-Elections, two referenda will also be voted on: the Summer U-Pass and the MSVUSU’s new partner charity.

What’s a referendum? Our constitution defines it as “a voting practice in which affected memberships are tasked with casting a vote on a proposed question.” In other words, we believe there are questions/issues important enough to have everyone vote, instead of having only SRC vote on them. 

The first referendum on the ballot will determine if we should add a student bus pass for the summer months, better known as the Summer U-Pass. If you will be a full-time student, a co-op student, or a dietetics intern during the summer, you will be eligible for the Summer U-Pass. For more information about the Summer U-Pass, click here.  

The second referendum is to decide which charity the MSVUSU will partner with this year. This is a way for the Union to know about which charities – and by extension, which issues – are important to MSVU students. There will be three charities on the ballot: Phoenix Youth Program, The Youth Project, and Avalon Sexual Health Centre.There will also be a write-in option for this referendum question. 

Let your voice be heard! Vote for your SRC representatives and on these referenda on September 26th-27th. 

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