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Welcome to the MSVUSU Tutor & Note Taker Portal. You can search for eligible tutors by faculty/program, by the tutors name or by course name/number. Please be advised that although we search rigorously for capable tutors, there is no guarantee that we will have tutors available for all programs.

You can also search for students who are willing to be note takers in your classes should you have that need.

IMPORTANT: It is the responsibility of the student to arrange instruction from tutors and negotiate tutor rates. Rates of pay are typically based on level of education. Tutoring is a contract between the student and tutor. All services delivered are a contract between the student and their service provider. Payment arrangement and/or dispute is the responsibility of the involved parties and does not involve MSVU or the MSVU Students’ Union.

TUTOR rates of pay are typically based on level of education and range from $15 to $20. If a tutor charges above $25 per hour then his or her credentials must be validated prior to services rendered if the student is funded by Post-Secondary Disability Services. Failure to do so may result in non-payment of services in full. Please contact Julie.Fillmore@msvu.ca in Accessibility Services should you wish to validate an hourly rate of pay.

NOTE TAKERS assist other students by sharing their personal class notes with a fellow classmate. This offers a supplement to any points the student who requires them may be unable to capture themselves. Note Takers are often volunteer positions and are eligible for recognition in the Co-Curricular Recognition Program (CCRP). For those students who are funded by Post-Secondary Disability Services, Note-Takers may receive $150 per term/course.

PLEASE NOTE: If you do not see the specific course or program you require a tutor for please contact the MSVUSU Vice President Advocacy at vpadvocacy@mountstudents.ca or (902) 457-6558.

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Michaela Epifano


Type: Note Taker

Courses Offered:

Comm: Theory and Practice , PR writing: Theory and Practice , Foundations of Public Relations , Audiovisual Communications

Alexander Nolan


Type: Tutor

Courses Offered:

Intro to Statistics l , Intro to Statistics ll

Noemie Bergeron-Germain


Type: Note Taker

Courses Offered:

Pyschology as a Social Science , Biopsychology