Wellness Pantry


Come visit us at Wellness Centre in the SUB, room 106 or email wellness@mountstudents.ca with any questions, or fill out the volunteer form here


MISSION: The main mission of the Wellness Pantry is to provide students with fresh food and to promote hunger awareness through various campaigns, while continuing to sustain a respectful and private environment.

COMPASSION: We care about our students and show compassion towards understanding their needs, privacy, and accommodations; no matter their race, gender, or sexual orientation.

INTEGRITYWe value the well being of our students, and strive to merit the integrity of the centre & pantry by keeping up to date with all of our resources, and providing full attention to students in need.

RESPECT: We respect the beliefs and cultures of all students who enter the centre & pantry. We treat students with dignity, consideration and welcome those from diverse backgrounds, and experiences.

ACCOUNTABILITY: We are committed to the best use of resources and are clearly focused on the achievement of the Wellness Centre & Wellness Pantry’s mission.

Contact Info
Wellness Centre Manager
SUB room 106 or
via Student Union Offices Room 118
near the HUB

(T) (902) 457 – 5536
(F) (902) 457-0444

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