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No matter if you identify as LGBTQ+ or as an Ally, coming out stories can provide others with connection and understanding. For many LGBTQ+ individuals, reading the coming out stories of others helps them to find experiences they can relate to and can help ease the stress they may be experiencing by knowing they’re not alone.

We want to hear your stories, ALL of your stories. It doesn’t matter if you’re gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, transgender, queer, two-spirit, intersex, asexual, or anywhere on the spectrum! Your story is important.

And if you’re not ‘out’ yet, we’d still like to hear your story. Coming out is different for everyone and we support you in whatever way it takes for you to be happy. Even if it’s only to write about the questions, fears and excitement you have about one day coming out yourself.

If you choose to, you can remain anonymous. Sharing your thoughts and experiences doesn’t mean you have to share your identity. Your story submission will be reviewed by our Pride Centre moderators and you will be notified prior to its publishing. All stories will be accessible through this page.

We’re excited to have you share your story with us and to hear about your coming out experience.

Story #1: Nyka|21

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