Cuddles With Oscar

As many of you are aware, animals can have a calming effect on us. Universities across Canada and the United States are permitting dogs on campus during exam periods to help alleviate some of the stress students are under during this time.  Counselling Services has a volunteer therapy dog once a week for students to enjoy.

Oscar is a 3 year old hypo-allergenic Shih-Tzu (he has hair like us, not fur) and is certified as a Therapy Dog.   Many of you may wonder ‘what exactly does he do as a therapy dog?’ Well, his presence provides a calming effect for clients, and it also gives clients an opportunity to take some of the focus off of themselves so talking about difficult issues may be a little easier. So far, Oscar has had a wonderful welcome from students, faculty, and staff.

Oscar will be available for cuddles on Thursdays from 1-2pm in EVA 219F when he is on his lunch break from seeing clients.  Some of you have already met him, but be sure to stop by and make his acquaintance! He will also be around in Seton during final exams to help students de-stress.

For more info on Oscar, please contact:

Marriam Abou-El-Haj
Counsellor, Evaristus   219F
(902) 457-6232

Welcome Mount Students!

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