Societies, Clubs and Groups

Joining or creating a society is a great way to become involved on campus and can be a very rewarding experience. The process is very simple. The Students’ Union encourages any interested individuals to start a society and we’re here to help you along the way!

All Societies are eligible for funding from the MSVU Students’ Union, apply for funding by filling out an application!

If you have any questions about how to get involved, please e-mail Erin Murray, VP Communications:

Check out the great societies we have on campus below:

If you don’t see any clubs or societies on campus that interest you, we encourage you to consider starting your own.

9.9 Dance Society

We hope to make friends by dancing, and have fun when we dance. Also, dance gives us health.

Aboriginal Collective

We are a group on campus, which was designed to build a community on campus.
We collectivly work to make space for Aboriginal/Indigenous students to come and talk. We hold events around different Aboriginal/Indigenous cultures.

Astronomy Society

The purpose of the Astronomy Social Society shall be to incorporate collective knowledge of the cosmos, and to engage students in observations of the stars, and new discoveries.

Bachelor of Education Society

The purpose of the B.Ed. Society shall be for all Bachelor of Education students, Elementary and Secondary to collaborate together in fundraising and social events. The Society will be an outlet for students in the Bachelor of Education Program to work together and partake in various socials, which take place during the 2016-2017 university calendar year.

Best Buddies

The Mount’s Best Buddies Society is a volunteer based society that raises awareness and promotes socialization, acceptance and developing friendship within our community. We aim to provide an organization that promotes the friendship between an individual with a developmental and/or intellectual disability and a college/university student.

Business and Tourism Society

E-mail: // Facebook: MSVU Business and Tourism Society / / Twitter @MSVUBTSociety // Instagram @MSVUBTSociety

The purpose of the BTS is to provide opportunities and plan events to unite Mount Saint Vincent University Business and Tourism Students. We are committed to raising funds for our charity of choice, the Ronald MacDonald House. The opportunities and events planned by the BTS shall have educational value, social value, and a personal development component.

MSVU Caribbean Society (Caribbean Link Up)

Enable all Mount students to connect with each other by establishing an environment where all Caribbean/West Indian island cultures (arts, music, food, lifestyle etc.) can be shared and celebrated.

Mount Christian Fellowship

WHO: A bunch of pals hanging out, learning about God and striving to be a vibrant and loving community at Mount Saint Vincent University. WHAT: Bible studies, hanging out and helping out. WHERE: Bible studies are always on Campus…stay tuned for location info WHEN: – Bible studies are twice a week. – Official hang outs on Friday (subject to change and great plans) WHY: To have a good time together, learn about who God is and share his love with others

Canadian Obesity Network Students and New Professionals – Mount Saint Vincent University Chapter

“The mission of the Canadian Obesity Network (CON) is to improve the lives of Canadians affected by obesity through the advancement of anti-discrimination, prevention, and treatment efforts.” This is the mission statement taken from the CON public website. We plan to: 1) Provide healthy and fun activities for students at the Mount and surrounding community. 2) Help end the stigma towards obesity. 3) Provide students, faculty, and community members with research based information surrounding the topic of obesity.

MSVU English Society

The MSVU English Society is a welcoming environment where one can celebrate their love for literature! Some of our events include end-of- term parties and the ever- famous “Bad Poetry Night”! Everyone is free to stop by the society room with questions about essays or even for a cup of tea! If you’re looking for friends and laughter, the MSVU English Society is a great place to start!

MSVU Feminist Collective

Facebook: MSVU Feminist Collective // Twitter@MSVU_Feminists

To promote gender equity and advocate against sexist attitudes and actions, on campus and in our broader communities. The Collective shall aim to provide MSVU students with a platform for discussion, education, and activism on feminist issues.

MSVU Garden Society

The garden society is open to all MSVU students who are interested in gardening, sustainability, home grown food, being outdoors, and simply meeting like-minded individuals. The society will be closely tied with The Mount Community Garden in the spring/summer months where volunteer opportunities and events will be announced with regularity, while in the winter months, social events will prevail with monthly events/workshops will continue.

MSVU Geek Society

A MSVU Society allowing for all nerds, geeks and fans of every kind to hang out and attend events while discussing their interests. The purpose of this society is to make the nerds, geeks and various fans of the MSVU Campus feel welcome and included to the various activities on campus. Whether you love Star Wars, Star Trek, Pokemon Go, Doctor Who, Pokemon, Digimon, Firefly, video games and anything really you are welcome here.

Gerontology Journal Club

A space for MSVU students to discuss current issues on aging among peers. The Gerontology Journal Club (GJC) is an initiative of the the Canadian Association on Gerontology’s student connection. Each month, the GJC will read a research article (determined by active member votes) and come together for informal discussion.

History Society

The MSVU History Society works to bring together students in a welcoming and safe environment where they can talk about their interests involving History and receive assistance with course work when needed. The Society also acts as an intermediary between the students and the History Department Faculty and organizing leisure activities for students in order to encourage students to get to know others with similar academic interests.

International Student Society

The International Student Society takes care of International students and their needs. We make sure that they feel welcomed and involved with a lot of activities and events that are organized by the society, such as weekly meetings, social gatherings, parties and the annual multicultural night. MSVU

E-mail: // Facebook: MSVU // Twitter @jackdotorgmsvu // Instagram: jackdotorgmsvu // Website:

A society dedicated to opening the conversation around mental health. Promoting self-care and encouraging students to take care of themselves and of their mental health through a number of initiatives.

MSVU Math and Stats

The MSVU Math & Stats Society shall enable Mount students to come together to discuss their interest in Mathematics and Statistics, share any difficulties in learning math-related subjects, and to provide support for each other in learning math-related subjects. The MSVU Math & Stats Society shall also offer Mount students the occasion to socialize outside of formal class time.

Meal Exchange MSVU

We are a group of students interested in a sustainable food system on our campus and in our community. We want to see Canada have a National Food Policy. We want to see the rates of food insecurity in our wealthy country fall to 0%. We work with community groups in Halifax and Nationally, and are connected through the Meal Exchange National Network to hundreds of students across the country who have similar goals and objectives as us. We share ideas, and host events on campus and off.

Mount Pride

Facebook: Mount Pride

Mount Pride’s mandate is to support, educate, advocate, offer activities, and safe locations to students, staff, and faculty of the LGBTQA2+ community and their allies. Mount Pride will work with students, faculty, and staff to provide services, social opportunities, support, referral, and resources on LGBTQA2+ issues at the Mount.

Photography Society 

We are a society about getting students who are interested in photography together to learn, practice and get better in our hobby.

MSVU Psychology Society

A collection of people who are interested in Psychology who share a space and can interact with/ help each other.

MSVU Publishing Society 

As a society we will create a collaborative publication for students, faculty and alumni, called “Speakman Press.” Our goal is to create a new edition of the magazine/journal every semester showcasing written and artistic work that reflects the creative achievements of MSVU.

Recreation Society

The Rec Crew is the student activities society on campus. This group of fun and dynamic student leaders heads up events throughout the year for Mount Students. Join the Rec Society and help organize the biggest parties, carry out charity work with local and international organizations, help at varsity games, booster nights and lots of other campus activities. Whether it’s special event planning, social justice advocacy, school spirit or leadership development, the Rec Society has something for everyone.

Science Society

E-mail: // Facebook: MSVU Science Society

The Science Society is a place where the scientifically curious students of MSVU unite! We host stress-relieving events that are a good way to make friends and have lots of fun! Students studying biology, chemistry, mathematics, psychology and beyond are welcome to join. We understand that science students are often quite busy. For this reason our events may be few and far between—but are very fun. Previous events included: Lab coat tie-dying, Movie nights, and socials. We also have strong connections with the tutors and mentor services on campus! Come BOND with us, we have ALKYNES of fun!!

Welcome Mount Students!

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