Joining or creating a society is a great way to become involved on campus and can be a very rewarding experience. The process is very simple. The MSVUSU encourages any interested individuals to start a society and we’re here to help you along the way!

All Societies are eligible for funding from the MSVU Students’ Union, apply for funding by filling out an application!

If you don’t see any clubs or societies on campus that interest you, we encourage you to consider starting your own.

If you have any questions about how to get involved, please e-mail Erin Murray, VP Communications:

2017-2018 Societies

Mount Saint Vincent Student Accessibility Society
The Student Accessibility Society shall give Mount Saint Vincent Students, registered or not registered with Accessibility Services, a place to feel welcome and learn about accessibility issues.

ASCD MSVU Student Chapter
The ASCD MSVU Student Chapter is an organization that organizes professional development workshops for pre-service teachers to supplement
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Mount Saint Vincent University Bachelor of Education Society
The B.Ed. Society is for all Bachelor of Education students, Elementary and Secondary to collaborate together in fundraising and social events. The Society will be an outlet for students in the Bachelor of Education Program to work together and partake in various socials, which take place during the 2017-2018 university calendar year.

MSVU Best Buddies
MSVU Best Buddies is a society where Mount students are given the opportunity to pair with an individual in the community with an intellectual disability to create a one-on-one friendship. Peer buddies are paired with a buddy with an intellectual disability, and spend time with them one-on-one. There are also associate members of Best Buddies who attend the monthly group events, but are not paired one-on-one. The websites mission statement for the Best Buddies program, from To establish a global volunteer movement that creates opportunities for one-to-one friendship

MSVU Business and Tourism Society
We represent the students in the MSVU Business and Tourism Department. We are planning to host events for students and to fundraise for our charity of choice; Ronald McDonald House

Canadian Association of Foodservice Professionals Mount Saint Vincent University Branch (CAFP)
CAFP is a national association with both student and professional branches across the country. CAFP is committed to personal and professional growth of its membership and building credibility for the foodservice industry through networking, education and the provision of our professional designation.
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Canadian Obesity Network – Students and New Professionals (CON-SNP)
The Canadian Obesity Network Students and New Professionals (CON-SNP) chapter at MSVU is a division of the Canadian Obesity Network (CON) which serves as the conduit for students and new professionals. OUR MISSION STATEMENT : To provide students and new professionals the forum to build, maintain, and refine networking and professional development skills that are integral in pursuing a career related to obesity in academic, community, and/or industry settings, as well as advance awareness of CON
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MSVU Cancer Fighting Crew
Working with the Canadian Cancer Society, we raise money and awareness about cancer, cancer research and the help that is out there for those effected. All the money fundraiser goes right to the Canadian Cancer Society to aid in all aspects. We are a driven group of students who will make a difference!

Mount Saint Vincent Child and Youth Study Society
The CYSS shall enables MSVU students to enrich their education experience, connect and support our fellow students, support evolution of our program and the field and be actively involved in community service.

Mount Saint Vincent Cultural Studies Society
A society for students that are interested and passionate about any aspect of the society and culture we live in such as art, movies, television, books, music, etc., can come together and share their thoughts and opinions about these aspects in a common, relaxed, setting.

MSVU Dance Team
The MSVU Dance Team will bring students together who love to perform and be social. The Dance Team will perform two minute routines during the half times of the MSVU Men’s and Women’s Basketball Games. The team will practice once a week and each member of the team will have the opportunity to choreograph and choose music for the routines.

Mount Saint Vincent University English Society
The MSVU English Society welcomes any and all students who have a passion for English and/or want to make connections during their time at university. The society holds fun activities and events such as the Halloween party, the End-of-Term party and the Bad Poetry Reading (among others). The society is responsible for funding the AAUEC, as well as other events, and will do this through a variety of fundraising techniques (including bake sales).

MSVU Environmental Advocacy Society
The Environmental Advocacy Society (EAS) promotes environmental awareness and action on the MSVU campus. Our aim is to have fun while learning more about the natural world and caring for the environment we live in.

MSVU Feminist Collective
The Feminist Collective promotes gender equity and advocate against sexist attitudes and actions, on campus and the community. The Collective aims to provide MSVU students with an inter-sectional platform for discussion, education, and activism on feminist issues.
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MSVU Fine Arts Society
A society for artists of all mediums to gather and celebrate creativity, support fellow artists and promote art initiatives. Artists of all skill levels, from non-artists to experts are welcome to participate. Photography, music, writing, poetry, crafting, make-up art, painting and everything in between; if you consider it art, it probably is!

First Year Students Society
The FYSS will bring together all students in their first year of post-secondary education, through various events that will be held throughout the remainder of the school year.

MSVU Geek Squad
A MSVU Society allowing for all nerds, geeks and fans of every kind to hang out and attend events while discussing their interests. The purpose of this society is to make safe spaces for conversations around nerds, geeks and various fans culture. We feel it is important to welcome and included to the various activities on campus that allow for community building. The purpose is to enable Mount students to embrace their internal geeky.

MSVU Grad Ball Society
To plan a ball for all graduating students for the class of 2018. The event will be welcoming, inclusive, and fun for all

History Society
The History Society is the student community representing the Mounts own History Department. We are welcoming to anyone interested in showing up whether it is just for friendly chats or asking for assistance when it comes to anything history related we will be happy to chat. We will plan to host a couple events per month usually bake sales and a trip to the Board Room Cafe. Also we can help with editing history papers for students having troubles. Our door is always open! so don’t be afraid to stop by and visit!
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MSVU Indigenous Collective
The Indigenous Collective’s purpose is to create a space for students who identify as Indigenous to gather, plan, and support each other.

Intercultural-Food Bridging Society
The purpose of this society is to deliver food and culture information to MSVU international students studying in the field of Applied Human Nutrition and Tourism and Hospitality Management from various cultural backgrounds.
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International Students Society
The International Student Society (ISS) is where every creed, race, and religion finds commonality, where opinions can be expressed without prejudice, where diversities will be honored and no student will be diminished, dismissed or disrespected for their differences. We encourage members to bring a piece of their nation with them

Intervarsity at MSVU
We are a group of students discovering Jesus and becoming the good we want to see in the world through Bible studies, community meals, retreats and more.
Facebook                    email: MSVU MSVU shall run initiatives that engage students in conversations about mental health and transform how we think about mental health.
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Math and Stats Society
Math and Stats Society shall promote Math and Stats among younger students, focus on increasing students’ problem solving skills and critical thinking, facilitate organised events for members, help to increase social comfort of students, hold practice sessions for those interested in the Science Atlantic Math or Programming Competitions, and fund raise in order to send students to Science Atlantic to participate in the math and/or programming competitions.

Meal Exchange MSVU
Meal Exchange will enable Mount students to have an impact on their campus food system, and improve food security on campus by ensuring that all students have access to healthy, affordable and culturally appropriate food.

MSVU Mental Health Initiative
A society at MSVU promoting mental health discussion, education, services and aid for students. Without Stigma. Focused on Promoting Recovery. Inclusive To All.

MSVU Politics Society
The MSVU Politics Society will bring students of all faculties together with interests in student, local, provincial, national, and global politics!
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MSVU Psychology Society
The Psychology Society is a group of like-minded people who are interested in psych! As a society we hold general meetings, social events, and provide support and information for the other students in our department! Our most popular events include our downtown social, healthy relationships bake sale, pj movie night, and our course selection help sessions.
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MSVU Public Relations and Communications Society
Connect, engage and motivate students of the Communications Department at Mount Saint Vincent University by providing resources and opportunities through shared social and professional development activities.
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MSVU Rec Society
Get involved in a variety of events on and off campus while developing your event planning/hosting skills, meet new friends and enhancing your CCRP. Everyone is welcome!

Refreshers Society
The purpose of the Refreshers shall be to encourage Mount students to drink responsibly, by providing the resources and support throughout campus, including at events and word of mouth

MSVU Residence Society
The Residence Society shall enable Mount students to socialize and get used to the new life they are living in residence, familiarize themselves with their surrounding and the campus community.

MSVU Rock Climbing Society
The MSVU Rock Climbing Society will bring together like minded individuals that enjoy rock climbing and increasing each others skills.

The Sociology Society
This society will be an open group that will seek to promote a larger interest in the study of Sociology and a greater understanding of society.

Speakman Press
Speakman Press is a creative publication for Mount Saint Vincent University students, faculty and alumni; the front cover of the Mount’s self expression, story telling, art and collaboration.
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The MSVU Young Liberals Society
The Mount Saint Vincent University Young Liberals is an on-campus club for Young Liberals, and those interested in the Liberal Party at MSVU


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